Don’t Know Where To Start Selecting B2B Integration Software? Use This 7 Step Guide

BG_B2BIntegrationSoftware_LPEmail.jpgWe are committed to helping businesses find solutions that perfectly fit their needs. In this helpful Buyer’s Guide, you will find answers to 7 key questions you need to ask yourself (and your vendor) to figure out what solution is best for you such as “who’s going to be using the software?”, “how much coding is required?”, and “how easy is integration with SaaS or other on-premise applications?”

For your consideration, the Adeptia architecture is designed for business users or non-technical users to automate integrations without having the need to allocate expensive IT resources to implement those solutions. Adeptia can be used by any company belonging to any line of business that requires a software that provides all the enterprise class features to enable business users or to automate and manage EDI and non-EDI messages with ease.